true story. our house. in the middle of the street.

you have been the birthplace of Robosonic. over 9 years i’ve paid my rent here in different apartments and moved my studio to different rooms, 4 times in total. recently not only my contract got cancelled unlawfully but the landlord took legal action of eviction, zu deutsch : „Räumungsklage“! 
i’m not allowed to go into details publicly at this stage but it’s quiet a bizarre case. in the last court hearing i was directly accused to have thrown racist insults to construction workers multiple times and to have threatened them with prison sentences (wtf?). And caused thousands of € in damage by doing so. Plus threatening my neighbors, causing them mental sickness and of course to have been lying on court, big time (…i.e. that i have originally agreed on and promoted an expensive modernisation which leads to rent increase of more than 10%...sure!)
This is so much BS, i could just laugh it away if it wasn’t so time and money consuming. and since the owner seems G enough to put a whole bunch of witnesses in place – most of them his employees or contractors – to support his weird story (on oath) this is becoming a serious threat to my professional existence and productivity.

bottom line: i truly love being an „Ausländer“ myself and i made friends in 45+ countries through music. i love my home sweet home base in Kreuzberg.
so please share this, buy my records, book me for shows.
i’ll use the 100% of the revenues of this record to pay my lawyer to save my a**!

1love. C: of R°° 👀🍑

music : "Icke und Sie" - out on Mother Recordings  w&pCord Labuhn videoJimmy Lee Wolff Julia



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